Pronatura Veracruz A.C. seeks to convert the threats of climate change in land use and environmental degradation that affect the Ramsar “Alvarado Lagoon System” site into a new Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) strategy. From that, the resilience and adaptive capacity of mangrove forests and local communities in the context of climate change is increased.

In 2019, the following results are highlighted at  ecological, economic, and social level:

  1. The ecological restoration of 201 hectares, adapting the ancestral technique of “chinampas”, and the rehabilitation of 5 km of canals, allowing the recovery of the desirable ecological characteristics and hydrological connectivity of the mangrove. In addition, a monitoring scheme is implemented to generate knowledge of the state of conservation of the habitat and/or its recovery process after restoration.
  2. Local development is promoted based on Wildlife Conservation Management Units (UMA) as a figure of regulated forestry use; in addition to strengthening the management, exploitation, and monitoring capacities. More than 221 people and 110 young people from local communities have participated in the training and restoration. In addition, 51 people from 12 states of the country were part of the “Exchange of Community Experiences: restoration, exploitation, and conservation of biodiversity in mangroves of Mexico”, held in June 2019.
  3. Based on a value chain approach, the “Mangrove World” initiative allows the market to be sensitized on the importance of mangroves, their animal species and the ecosystem services they provide. The objective is to promote responsible consumption to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the development of communities that sustainably exploit the resources of mangrove forests, such as wood, coal and honey.

This project is implemented by Pronatura Veracruz A.C. with funding from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), through the International Climate Initiative (IKI).