Two Agronomy students do their thesis within the framework of BioPaSOS Project

With the purpose  of generating  relevant information that helps face challenges in the livestock sector, climate change and biodiversity conservation in  Chiapas, the Project Promoting Biodiversity Conservation through Agrosilvo-pastoral practices in Landscapes Dominated by Livestock systems in three regions of Mexico, known as BioPaSOS (its Spanish acronym) gave economical support to two students to do their academic thesis.

The benefited students are: Tania Elizabeth Gordillo Zebadua and Carlos Alberto Jiménez Vásquez, both students of Agronomy from the Agronomic Science faculty of the Autonomous University of Chiapas (FCA-UNACH, its Spanish acronym).

Director of FCA-UNACH, Roberto Coutiño and José Antonio Jiménez of BioPaSOS next
to students and professors at the signing of the agreement.

At the signing of this agreement were present the following participants: Roberto Countiño, director of the Agronomic Science Faculty from UNACH, José Guadalupe Araujo, academic secretary and Professors René Pinto, Francisco Guevara and Adalberto Hernández, who will be collaborating with the development of the research thesis.

Coordinator of BioPaSOS in Chiapas, José Antonio Jiménez, said that with this interinstitutional agreement relationships are strengthened with local partners and the commitment CATIE acquired with the signature of the agreement with UNCH in 2016 is reaffirmed.

On his part, Roberto Coutiño ratified CATIE’S and UNACH’s commitment and encouraged the students to do a good thesis job so that way they can keep having opportunities of support from International institutions of first level.


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