A system of indicators for agro-food production allows the Mexican government to have access to reliable data to measure the progress in the compliance of climate change goals and boost sustainable development in the agro-food sector.

On  19th February 19, the Climate Change and Agro-Food Production Agenda and its system of indicators were presented. The event extended an invitation to reflect about the importance of counting with indicators that measure the progress and impact of actions that are implemented in the agri-food sector destined to accomplish its growth and guarantee food security, through the balance between sustainable use of natural resources and the reduction of GHG emissions.

The event counted with the participation of officials involved in the construction of the Agenda, like Gloria Abraham, the representative of IICA office in Mexico; Hector Lugo, Coordinator of Advisors in the Undersecretary of Agriculture; Marco Antonio Heredia, General Coordinator of the Evaluation of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Policies of the INECC; Martin Johannes Nissen, Counselor of Agribusiness in the German Embassy, amongst others.

Andrea Kuhlmann, Consultant at GIZ Germany highlighted the importance of the value of building the Agenda and its system indicators through a participatory process in which 38 institutions have collaborated. This process has created rich content and a great value to recognize the necessity to adopt the Agenda as a guiding document in the way Mexico produces food.

Camilo de la Garza and Mariana Díaz presented the system of indicators. They highlighted the importance of measuring effects of climate change on agri-food production. Through a the system of indicators, a systematization of the implementation of actions of the Agenda can be carried out, which will strengthen the traceability of public policies, redirectioning them towards sustainable productive practices that guarantee food security without contributing to global warming.

The definition of follow-up strategies in the current political moment was a fundamental part of the event. Actions were identified that will strengthen the adoption and implementation of the Agenda and the importance to present it to transition teams; the efforts preformed must give a follow up in the next federal administration.

It was stressed that the Agenda and its system of indicators must work as an example for other countries, as Mexico is a pioneer in the generation of these types of strategies for the agri-food sector.

The Agenda and the indicators are a result of the work of 130 people and 38 institutions. Their objective is to propose public policies that increase the sector´s capacity to be climate responsible. The system of indicators is composed by 236 indicators and 172 methodological pages that detail the measurement units and the formulas to calculate the indicators.

As a part of the inter institutional collaboration of this effort, an MoU between IICA and Cabron Trust is to coordinate efforts and develop projects that help the implementation of the Agenda.

If the recommendations of the Agenda are adopted, Mexico will be, for the first time in history, defining a state policy of climate change and agri-food production, and conditioning that the development programs are compatible with it.

The event counted with the participation of Mr. Martin Johannes Nissen, Agricultural Affairs Adviser of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany,  Mr. Héctor Samuel Lugo, Adviser to the Undersecretary of Agriculture SAGARPA, Ms. Andrea Kuhlmann, GIZ Advisor, Ms. Gloria Abraham Representative of IICA Mexico, Mr. Marco Antonio Heredia Fragoso, General Coordinator of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Policy Evaluation at INECC, Dr. Ernesto Fernández, Technical Director of Fisheries and Value Networks at FIRA, Dr. Rafael Ambriz, Head of the Dispatch of the General Directorate  at INIFAP.


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