This event included the outstanding participation of Ms. Marita Brömmelmeier, members of the ABM sustainability committee, and the consultants who collaborated in the design and piloting of the taxonomy. The green taxonomy is essential to promote the transition towards sustainable finance, since it is made up of a methodology and procedures based on scientific evidence that allow the classification of types of assets into those that are green and those that are not.

Ms. Marita Brömmelmeier emphasised the importance of taxonomy in giving certainty to investors who want to mitigate and manage financial risks related to the climate crisis, which will allow the enormous potential that the country has in the mobilisation of investments towards sustainable projects, since even though domestic financial savings are equivalent to 70% of GDP, less than 50% of banks have green financing goals.

Participation of Mrs. Marita Brömmelmeier. GIZ

The forum highlighted that the green financing taxonomy will provide a common language for sustainable investments, establish an even floor for Mexican banks with fixed and comparable standards, allow the identification of new business opportunities, and facilitate the formulation of public policies to promote green financing.

In the taxonomy design, it was important to consider international experiences in the creation of this type of instruments, in order to recognise lessons learned and creation methodologies. In this case, the European Union taxonomy was the main point of reference due to its complexity, scope and legitimacy with financial regulators, its transparency and its alignment with science.

Presentation of the green financing taxonomy. GIZ