The project is based on the support of IPBES by the German government and responds to requests from developing countries, according to which UNDP is to play a role in capacity building for IPBES. This capacity building will contribute to the effective management of biodiversity, ecosystems and synergies in the implementation of the Rio Convention for the promotion of sustainable development.

The objective of the project is to assist developing countries in addressing issues relevant to science and politics, highlighted by IPBES, by strengthening capacities at national and regional level in order to:

1) apply the results of IPBES evaluations, as indicated by the BES capacity network (managed by UNDP) and trialogue events by bringing together scientists, politicians and users to address urgent issues.

2) carry out national evaluations of scientific results regarding political issues, in addition to regional and thematic IPBES studies, which is to be achieved through tailor-made support of countries through excellence centers and the SGA network under the umbrella of UNEP WCMC.