The project will develop and publicize the Bonn Challenge Barometer as the primary means to track and report on Quintana Roo’s subnational implementation progress. It will profile leadership and quantifiable progress on the implementation of the Bonn Challenge, and equip Quintana Roo’s state government (Bonn Challenge pledger) and partners with information and tools to accelerate action and address implementation bottlenecks. Progress will be quantified by hectares under restoration and their estimated carbon benefits. This will increase the credibility and visibility of the Bonn Challenge as a platform for real action and delivery of measurable results.

Project deliverables:

• Analysis on policies, plans and strategies at the national or sub-national level support or enable the implementation of FLR initiatives.

• Institutional arrangements exist that cut across sectors and scales, and play a role in implementing restoration initiatives that align with FLR principles and contribute to the BC target.

• Identification of FLR areas in terms of financial flow, identified/planned/implemented FLR activities and community engagement.

• Anticipated biophysical and climate impacts (potential/anticipated carbon sequestration and anticipated biodiversity impacts).

• Anticipated socioeconomic benefits.

• Monitoring and evaluation framework (identification or development of FLR monitoring methodologies at a subnational framework).



Silvio Simonit, Project Coordinator:


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