Learning by doing (LBD) is a 3M € multidisciplinary project involving Mexico, South Africa, Lebanon, the Dominican Republic and a regional component covering the LAC region, that seeks to contribute to increase NDC ambition.

The project is developed to design an iterative, incrementally improving methodology, to outline and refine projects, policies, multilateral actions, and visions of and transitions to resilient and sustainable societies in a 2-1.5˚C world. It seeks to illustrate the economic, social and cultural features of such societies, and equip them with country-specific projects, activities and knowledge and new skills creation to support their realisation by 2050. The project will also establish learning platforms, by disseminating knowledge and learning on multiple levels.

In Mexico, the project will be implemented by the Iniciativa Climatica de México (ICM) and the Instituto Tecnologico de México (ITAM). It will involve asking questions such as “what is “good life”, exploring how to pursue a worthwhile purposeful life in specific spaces and stages of life.

To achieve this, the Mexican team is working with a General Equilibrium Model that can outline the potential distribution of the wins and losses associated with the 2-1.5°C transition, and examine how those who lose out might otherwise benefit. Teams are also working on the institutional aspects of these transitions and visions, including the role of central and local governments, as well as involving a decentralized governance around natural resources, where states are additional actors.

Mexico will also be involved in an open dialogue with other partner countries exploring mitigation and adaptation synergies, Nature Based Solutions, and Circular Carbon Economies, amongst others. The project will build on these experiences to create associated university-level courses, seminars, and activities with ITAM and other Mexican universities and initiatives, and wider learning and skill creation opportunities.