The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) is managed by UNDP, in cooperation with the EU Commission, Switzerland and Germany (BMU). In accordance with COP 11 resolutions, BIOFIN aims to support CBD parties in preparing demand analyses and developing national resource mobilizing strategies in order to implement the strategic plan. A central technical unit with four employees was established in Istanbul. They are assigned with providing methodology development, general coordination and technical advice services to partner countries.


A key issue within the implementation of the Convention for Biodiversity (CBD) is the lack of financial resources for the protection of biodiversity. Most states lack reliable information on what funds are needed to effectively implement the CBD’s Strategic Plan, where these funds can be sourced and how they can be adequately and effectively assigned. The Project addressed these gaps in knowledge. BIOFIN generated data on previous investments in the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, as well as the resources needed for the implementation of the Strategic Plans in each country. On this basis, the gap between demand and actual financing could be calculated. The gained information was integrated in the development of approaches that aimed to improve the financing of the conservation of biodiversity in the long-term.

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