In many countries, policymakers face challenges in analyzing the mitigation potential of their cities and regions due to lack of experience or capacities at both national and sub-national levels, that allow them to transform their climate efforts into effective actions.

To overcome these barriers and strengthen efforts to create an ambitious and comprehensive national climate policy, GIZ, through various tools and projects, promotes the exchange of best practices and shares interesting information about actions against climate change at all levels.

Therefore, GIZ created an interactive flash that illustrates in a simple and descriptive way how the organization contributes to the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at urban level in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The flash provides useful, quick and easy information including specific actions related to water, waste management, resilience, energy and industry, mobility, from the perspective of the actors involved in countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

The flash was produced within the framework of the “Cities and Climate Change” workstream of GIZ sectoral networks in the region. To see the flash of the “Implementation of NDCs and SDGs in the urban context in Latin America and the Caribbean” please click below on the Adobe Flash Player.

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