Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the priorities for attention to the health emergency have been markedly reduced. Government efforts have also been redirected to protecting citizens and fighting against the health epidemic.

In an adjustment process, the municipalities’ focal points, national development banks, and federal ministries (Ministry of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development – SEDATU, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources – SEMARNAT, Secretary of Treasury and Public Credit – SHCP) have continued preparing their projects.

With the support of FELICITY and key actors, the migration of face-to-face project preparation courses to digital workshops has been encouraged, so that sub-national public officials can continue their great efforts in the development of technical, financial, environmental, technological and social capacities.

Project promoters have also collaborated through platforms that facilitate training and remote communication for project preparation. Progress is being made in technical assistance from the cabinet, to prepare the procurement process and have the documentation required for the continuation of the project cycle.

A healthy collaboration between the parties involved has allowed the adjustment towards the implementation of the projects; however, the main challenges in the current context of COVID-19 increase the pressure on urban budgets.

Green recovery represents a potential opportunity to reduce budget spending by saving energy costs, but also to generate more quality jobs and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The continuity of these projects is particularly important in the current context of a health crisis that seeks economic recovery in the short term and green recovery in the medium term.