During the 11 sessions that addressed the topic of preparing successful investment projects (PreP), 2,149 attendees participated, covering 18 countries and 674 people enrolled in the online course, with 352 women participating.

PreP webinar series. FELICITY México and CONVERSA-CONGREXPO.

The sessions were held from September 2 to November 11, 2020, in a joint effort between the Global FELICITY Program and various programs related to climate finance and low-carbon projects in cities where GIZ participates –as well as government agencies, and national, regional and international organizations. The webinar series was held with the purpose of promoting the realization of sustainable and resilient projects, as well as closing the gap between low-carbon urban infrastructure projects and the financing required for their implementation.

Inauguration PreP. FELICITY Mexico

In addition to the webinars, the PreP includes an online course that complements the information shared by the specialists. Also, those who complete the course obtain a certificate.

This online course remains open and continues to allow enrollment of new users interested in learning more about low carbon project preparation. In addition, it is completely free. You just have to register at: https://www.ccfla-prep.org/. For more information, contact Miguel Fernández: miguel.fernandez@giz.de.

Final PreP infographic. CONVERSA – CONGREXPO. Participants by countries PreP. CONVERSA – CONGREXPO.
Participants by country PreP. CONVERSA – CONGREXPO.
Free Online PreP Course: PreP – The ABCs of Preparing Successful Investment Projects (ccfla-prep.org). FELICITY Mexico.