The BioPaSOS project , implemented by the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) together with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) and the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) and local partners in three territories of Mexico, builds different tools that contribute to the promotion of sustainable cattle raising, which are available for cattle ranchers, technicians, decision makers and the general public.

Credits: BioPaSOS project. Guanacaste tree [Enterolobium cyclocarpum] in paddock, Jalisco, Mexico.
These tools can be accessed through the BioPaSOS website  and are designed to provide practical information that allows managing knowledge and strengthening the capacities of cattle ranchers and field technicians, as well as supporting teaching processes based on concepts and techniques that promote resilient cattle production, in harmony with the environment and contributing actively to the conservation of biodiversity.

Credits: BioPaSOS project. Silvopastoral System (SPS) in Chiapas, Mexico.

Among these tools, there is a virtual course entitled Agrosilvopastoral systems: a climate-smart alternative for cattle raising, which is supported by the Coursera platform.

Also, a series of virtual forums are available, addressing topics related to different themes and key dimensions of sustainable cattle production. In addition, there is a toolbox that provides elements to strengthen teaching. This toolbox is the result of participatory construction with producers and technicians from the three intervention territories of the BioPaSOS project and responds to the information needs expressed by local actors during the consultation processes. The virtual information repository is another tool that compiles important information on different studies, methodologies and advances in the implementation of sustainable cattle raising in Mexico and the region. This repository constitutes a solid basis for the implementation proposal carried out by BioPaSOS in the intervention territories.

Other tools, currently in development, include: the construction and design of scripts for the implementation of Field Schools (ECA), resulting from participatory diagnoses made in the territories; a serious technique that integrates documents such as tools, research advances, studies etc. that will be part of the information dossier generated by the project and available as a way of responding to the needs prioritization expressed by key actors in Jalisco, Campeche, and Chiapas.

Credits: BioPaSOS project. Consultation workshop with cattle ranchers, Campeche, Mexico.

Finally, the BioPaSOS project, in coordination with local partners in Jalisco, Campeche, and Chiapas, promotes and contributes to the construction of research agendas. These agendas will be a guiding tool for research priorities in the territories, based on information gaps that currently hinder the promotion of sustainable cattle raising.

Credits: BioPaSOS project. Consultation workshop with cattle ranchers, Jalisco, Mexico.


More information:

Karla Salazar Leiva. Communicator. BioPaSOS project. CATIE


Juan Eduardo Betanzos. Jalisco Local Coordinator. BioPaSOS project. CATIE


Edwin Pérez Sánchez. Campeche Local Coordinator. BioPaSOS project. CATIE


Jose Antonio Jiménez-Trujillo. Chiapas Local Coordinator. BioPaSOS project. CATIE