The development of capacities and the continuous exchange of experiences are part of the necessary actions for the creation of technical and institutional capacities for the implementation of an Emissions Trading System (ETS). For this reason, the Emissions Trading System Academy was held for the third time in 2022, under the slogan “Towards the operation of the Mexican ETS”. The ETS Academy seeks that the actors involved in its development and its potential allies have a broad level of technical knowledge regarding the elements that make up an ETS, through a highly specialised exchange format with experts in carbon price mechanisms and emissions trading systems around the world.

The ETS 2022 Academy brought together more than 70 actors from the Mexican public and academic sector; they all gained knowledge and approached the debates and current issues on the ETS in Mexico and around the world.

Dr. Jürgen Landgrebe, director of the DEHSt, addressed the participants of the Academy and recognized the importance of these spaces to achieve climate objectives / © Inauguration of the SCE 2022 Academy. SiCEM, GIZ México

Each session focused on a theme related to ETS design and operation: central elements of an ETS; engagement with stakeholders; carbon leaks; financial regulation; flexibility mechanisms; MRV, and the relationship of the ETS with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, among others. In 13 face-to-face and asynchronous sessions, the participants covered the experiences of other jurisdictions in the implementation of their ETS, as well as the main challenges encountered in the process, and listened to the assessments and lessons learned.

The Academy participants also carried out a simulation dynamic that allowed them to discuss and reflect on the elements that make up an ETS and the decision-making processes involved in its implementation. Finally, the closing presented the steps to follow in the development of the Mexican ETS, in order to provide an overview of its future developments.

Schedule of sessions and topics to be addressed throughout the training / ©Academia SCE 2022. SiCEM, GIZ Mexico

The institutions and speakers at the Academy included representatives of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV), the Director of the German Authority for Emissions Trading (DEHSt), Mr. Jürgen Landgrebe, Michael Mehling from MIT, Rajinder Sahota from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Juan Pedro Searle from the Chilean Ministry of Energy, and Professor Jos Delbeke from the European University Institute (EUI), among many others.

The ETS Academy was held from March 7th to 28th, 2022. This forum, convened by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), in coordination with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH through the SiCEM project, and in collaboration with ICAP and adelphi, it has become a fundamental space for dialogue and exchange between different key actors for the operation of the Mexican ETS.

Throughout the sessions, he stressed the importance of the full participation of all actors involved in the SCE as they play a fundamental role in ensuring its optimal performance / © Session 12 “Transition from pilot to operational phase in an SCE” of the SCE 2022 Academy. SiCEM, GIZ Mexico