The Innovation Fund of the Sectoral Network “Environmental Management and Rural Development, Latin America and the Caribbean (GADeR-ALC)” is supporting programs related to energy efficiency and energy in Chile, Mexico and Brazil to promote gender equality in the sector with the creation of an online course.


Since 2017, the Professional Programs for Energies of the Future and PROMOB-e Efficient Propulsion Systems of Brazil, Energetic Use of Residues and NAMA Facility – implementation of the housing NAMA – technical component, in Mexico, and the Energy Renewables program of Chile, have joined efforts and thus share experiences on their activities to promote gender aspects in the energy sector with the support of the Innovation Fund of the GADeR-ALC network.

The Sectorial Network, Environmental Management and Rural Development, Latin America and the Caribbean (GADeR-ALC) works as a knowledge management tool in order to promote innovation and exchange among projects in the region. Each year proposals for collaborative works in order to support and promote the transfer of knowledge are chosen. This working group was accredited to this fund with the objective of exchanging experiences and good practices for Latin America and the world about how gender equality has been promoted in this sector.

The course is online and consists of seven modules; the topics that are addressed include information regarding the practices carried out by GIZ in different sectors related to energy, the internal scope of the company and the experiences of the countries where GIZ has a presence.

The first two modules of the course are already available online and the remaining five are in the process of being developed.

We invite you to participate in this course and to spread it among people and institutions that you consider of interest.

Share the course link and participate!