Towards carbon neutral water and waste water utilities

The project is helping to reduce the carbon footprint  of water and waste water utilities in Mexico, Jordan, Peru and Thailand. To this end, it is promoting more efficient processes and technologies of companies providing these services to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as water loss reduction systems, energy-efficient pumps, biogas generation and fertilizer production from wastewater. At the national level, the project advises the countries in developing financial mechanisms and favorable political frameworks for replicating demonstration projects. Knowledge exchange between the pilot companies and national and regional associations as well as a web-based knowledge platform facilitate the further development and dissemination of technologies that reduce greenhouse gases.  In this way, the project also helps to improve climate change mitigation strategies for water and waste water utilities and to disseminate them internationally.

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If you are interested in getting to know how to participate in the project, you can contact the National Adviser of the WaCCliM project in Mexico Andrés Rojo:

Twitter: @WaCCliM_Project / @ciudades_demx