At the beginning of 2019, the Jalisco government requested the support of GIZ to promote the development of a strategy for the integration of biodiversity in the state that will consider the following sectors: forestry, agriculture and aquaculture-fisheries. In this way, the elaboration process coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development (SEMADET) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) from Jalisco, facilitated by the project “Mainstreaming of Biodiversity within Mexican Agriculture” (IKI IBA) and in collaboration with the French Agency for Development (AFD). As part of this initial process, diagnoses were developed to identify the opportunities and challenges of these sectors for the integration of biodiversity.


Credits: IKI IBA project. Workshop for the development of the Biodiversity Integration Strategy in Jalisco


On August ,  and , the three sectoral workshops were held, the results of each diagnosis were presented, and the actors involved worked on validating and complementing the actions detected in the diagnoses. At the state level, there are good examples that integrate biodiversity into their production processes, among them the extensive work with silvopastoral cattle raising and sustainable forest management through the inter-municipal boards. An inter-sectoral workshop was held on October  to review the strategic lines that resulted from the August workshops and to identify areas of opportunity for collaboration between the three sectors.


Credits: IKI IBA project. Welcome by Jorge Fernández (CONAFOR), Sergio Graf (SEMADET), Harald Lossack (GIZ), Karla Barkley (AFD), Carlos Alberto Jiménez, (SADER Jalisco).


Currently,the strategy is in the final phase of its elaboration, which will be presented next year, in a workshop with Jalisco’s state government and interested groups, in which it is expected to generate synergies and examples of cooperation for the integration of the biodiversity in the forestry, agricultural and aquaculture-fisheries sectors.


Credits: IKI IBA project. Working group in the Workshop of the aquaculture-fishing sector of Jalisco.